On 12th July DANIDA announced plans for major organizational changes to BSU with effect from Phase II

2013.06.24 | Susanne Lildal Amsinck

DANIDA will take over the management of the BSU programme in direct cooperation with selected universities in Africa and Asia. A wish for a higher level of mainstreaming of the organizational structure of the BSU programme, in line with the other DANIDA programmes, and a higher focus on fewer institutions and key activities forms the basis for their decision.

In brief, the key implications and principles for modifications in the BSU Programme design are as follows:

  • All four thematic platforms will be phased out by 31st Dec 2013
  • The BSU Programme will be managed directly by DANIDA from 1st  Jan 2014
  • Five south partner institutions will be phased out by 31st Dec 2013. All south institutions have been informed separately by Universities Denmark in mid-July.
  • Daily management, coordination and administration of the BSU Programme will be delegated to each of the south institutions at the onset of Phase II
  • Phase 2 is expected to cover 3-4 professionally oriented capacity development activities and 1-2 support activities (in e.g. financial management) at each partner institutions. Thus, larger and fewer activities compared to Phase I.
  • A number of activities developed during Phase I will no longer qualify for support (such as new PhD scholarships, education activities at master programmes, networking activities etc.)
  • Danish universities in consortia with other actors will be invited to bid for ´support packages´ developed by each of the partner institutions
  • PhD scholarships launched during Phase I will be ensured continued funding by unspent funds of Phase I (for the period 1st Aug – 31st Dec 2013) and by the Phase II Grant (from 1st Jan 2014 and onwards)

 On the short-term, the re-design of the BSU Programme implies:

  • DANIDA has launched an interim period covering the period of 1st Aug 2013 – 31st Dec 2013
  • DANIDA has contracted the process consultant, Mr. Arne Disch (Managing Partner, Scanteam, Norway), who will assist in ensuring dialogue and formulation for the new BSU programme with relevant partners in Denmark and partner institutions in the south
  • A revised overall proposal for Phase II is expected submitted to DANIDA Grant Committee by Oct/Nov 2013
  • Expected start of Phase II is 1st Jan 2014

For further information on the the decision and background for the re-design of the BSU Programme:

Process consultant appointed to head formulation of revised BSU Phase II Proposal.

On 16th Aug DANIDA contracted the process consultant, Arne Disch, to head the formulation of the re-design of the BSU programme and facilitate the formulation of a revised BSU Phase II proposal.

Mr. Disch has long experience with institutional research capacity building in South, and a highly relevant background for formulating programme documents.

On the 26th Aug and 27th Aug Mr. Disch consulted the Danish platform chairs and coordinators in Copenhagen and Aarhus, respectively, and at the onset of Sept Mr. Disch initiated a round-tour to the seven south universities of BSU Phase II. The round tour was succesfully completed end of Sept.

At this stage, the delay of Phase II has the following immediate implications:

  • The ´Kick off BSU Phase II Workshop´ scheduled 19th-21th Aug 2013 in Copenhagen is postponed until further notice.
  • The ´Post Workshop Session on Financial Management BSU Phase I + II´ in Copenhagen is postponed until further notice.

 We encourage all partners to follow the situation here at our website.



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