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BSUEC Applications and Strategy Reports 

  1. BSUEC Proposal for Phase 11 (2013-2015) Submitted to Rectors Conference 11 April 2013  Table Outputs (22 May 2013)   Annex A (22 May 2013)      Annex C1 & C2 (22 May 2013)
  2. BSUEC Phase 2 - Subject Specific Projects for DANIDA Proposal April 2013
  3. BSU Proposal 19 million DKK Grant. DANIDA BSU Grant Allocation Letter (in Danish). Dec 2012.
  4. Inception Report 2011-2013. Submitted 14 November, 2011 (incl. LFA, budgets, monitering matrix).
  5. BSUEC Application to DANIDA (2011-2013). Submitted April 2011 (incl. LFA and budgets)

BSU Reviews

  1. BSU Phase I  - Evaluation of DANIDA Supported Research to Agriculture and Natural Resource Management – May 2013. Workshop Concept Note on Emerging Issues      Evaluation questions Workshop Participant list
  2. BSU Phase I  - External Review of BSU Programme. Review Report submitted by Chr. Michelsen Institute, March 2013. Summary of main findings and conclusion by Universities Denmark April 2013
  3. Review BSU Phase 1: Terms of References; Draft Programme Dec 2012. BSUEC Powerpoint presented during the review January 15, 2013 at Universities Denmark.

BSUEC Annual Reports


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