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Platform Project Officers at UDSM and SUA

At each African university a local platform administrator is appointed to assist in coordinate activities and to ensure timely technical and financial reporting.

The platform project officer is to support the Platform Working Group at the respective university as well as the platform coordinator.

This position is announced and employed according to local university regulations.

The tasks of the platform administrator include, and is not necessarily be limited to:

  • Secretary for the Platform Working Group, including planning of meetings, drafting agenda and minutes from meetings;
  • Budgeting and financial accounting of the platform activities;
  • Planning and technical reporting of the platform activities (e.g. progress reporting);
  • Responsible for updating the platform website on relevant material and progress on BSU activities at the local university;
  • Contributes actively to the BSUEC Newsletter
  • Active participation in the planning, development, implementation and coordination of platform activities, including courses, workshops, seminars, platform research activities and dissemination activities;
  • Function as day-to-day point of coordination and information of the BSUEC activities at the local university
  • Logistic support for visiting researchers
  • Ensure high-level communication and collaboration with the BSUEC Coordinator, the BSUEC Chairman, the BSUEC Platform Working Group, the BSU Partnership Steering Committee and BSUEC partners at the local university.
  • Strengthening of collaboration and coordination across the BSU platforms

BSUEC Project Officer at UDSM

Oscar Sawuka. E-mail:;

BSUEC Project Officer at SUA

Anthony Sangeda. E-mail:;

Assistant Project Officer Godbless Safiel:

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