The Secretariat of the Platform on Environment & Climate is a one-person management unit, run by senior researcher Susanne Lildal Amsinck, funded part-time by the BSU grant.

The Secretariat of the Platform on Environment & Climate is hosted by Aarhus University.

The Platform Secretariat leads and coordinates the overall activities of the platform. In close collaboration with the chairman of the platform, the platform coordinator is responsible for the initiation of strategy processes, action plans and strategy follow-up, and participates in fund raising for platform activities.

In addition, the coordinator:

  • contributes actively to the development, organization, coordination and implementation of the activities of the platform;
  • sustains and further develops networking activities and strengthens the involvement and cooperation of the resource base in Denmark and in the South partner countries;
  • facilitates dialogue and consultation between researchers, policy makers and stakeholders;
  • takes initiatives to ensure a high level of communication among platform members via newsletters and the platform website;
  • coordinates and organizes larger workshops and conferences for the resource base in Denmark;
  • supports the Danish Platform Steering Committee;
  • manages the overall grant of the platform.

Susanne Lildal Amsinck (BSUEC Coordinator)

Aarhus University
Dept. of Bioscience
Vejlsoevej 25
8600 Silkeborg


Mobile phone: +45 4041 2646

Skype name: susanne.lildal


Jørgen Eivind Olesen (BSUEC Chairman)

Aarhus University
Dept. of Agroecology
Blichers Allé 20
8830, Tjele


Direct phone: +45 87157778

Mobile phone: +45 4082 1659

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Platform on Environment and Climate

Phone: +45 87158743

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