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Research Methodology in Hydrology

Partner University: University of Dar Es Salaam

Teaching team: Prof. Brian Kronvang, Ass. Prof. Hans Estrup Andersen (Aarhus University) & Prof. Felix Mtalo (UDSM)


Timing and Duration: 27 -31 May 2013

Course objective: To provide students with a overview of research methodologies in hydrology that would allow them to apply measurement and modeling techniques in hydrology.

Programme (tentative, updated 15 April 2013)

Course contents: The following topics are covered in the course:

  • Research methodology, including problem definition, literature reviews, metaanalysis, publication
  • Hydrology and basic Modeling. Water Balance and Cycle, Hydraulic Routing Evaporation, Infiltration, Ground water, Systems models Lumped conceptual models. Routing models Stochastic and probabilistic models.
  • Hydrologic Models ungauged catchments, water quality, sediment transport, semi distributed conceptual models, Routing and an example SWAT
  • Programming skills, Excel and graphics
  • Data Processing Tools. Kriging, Catchment delianation, GIS, Remote sensing, IDRISI, IL-WIS GFFS.



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