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Adaptation to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Ecosystems

Partner University: University of Dar Es Salaam

Teaching team: Ass. Prof. Anders Ræbild, Ass. Prof. Erik Dahl Kjær (University of Copenhagen) & Dr. Agnes Nyomora (UDSM)


Timing and Duration: The course has been postponed upon request by UDSM

Course objective: To facilitate advanced research on ecosystems by improving the understanding of biological mechanisms that play a role in growth and development of plants and animals and their interactions in ecosystems, and how adaptation to biotic and abiotic stress conditions play a role for the functioning of individual species as well as of the ecosystem as a whole.

Course contents: The course will cover stresses to plants and animals from both abiotic and biotic courses. The will include:

  • Temperature stress to plants and animals
  • Water stress to plants
  • Species interactions (competition, feed chains, ecosystem equilibria)
  • Stress tolerance, avoidance and adaptation
  • Changes in ecosystem structure to manage stress

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