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Simulation Modeling in the Environmental Sciences

Group photo of BSUEC participants in the PhD course Simulation Modelling in the Environmental Sciences, SUA, Oct 2012.

Partner University: Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)

Teaching team: Researcher Dennis Trolle, Researcher Hans Thodsen (Aarhus University) & Prof. Mwamakimbullah (SUA)


Timing and Duration: 22-26th October, 2012. Venue: GIS LAB SUA


Course objective: To equip the students with an understanding of the application of simulation models in environmental sciences and how such models are parameterized, validated and applied in assessment studies, including limitations to their applicability.

Course contents: Simulation models are extensively used to describe processes in ecosystems and in various parts of the environment. The course will have the following components, and this will be taught through both theoretical lectures and practical exercises:

  • Introduction to simulation modeling (states and rates)
  • Parameterisation of simulation models (uncertainty analysis, model evaluation)
  • Validation of simulations models (comparison with observations)
  • Linking models at various scales (temporal and spatial)
  • Downscaling of climate data for climate change impact analysis
  • Tools for assessment of environmental impacts of changes (scenario analyses)

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