Platform Working Groups (PWG)

Terms of Reference

Each African partner university hosts a Platform Working Group (PWG). The PWG is to ensure the implementation of the BSUEC activity plan and to:

  • identify topics for research networking;
  • plan and initiate research courses carried out under the platform;
  • review applications and qualifications of candidates for PhD scholarships and for short-term scientific missions;
  • discuss north-south and south-south collaboration and review proposals for collaboration;
  • discuss initiatives to enhance research productivity and quality within the Environment and Climate Platform;
  • discuss initiatives to enhance interdisciplinarity in education and research within the platform areas;
  • review the progress of the platform and discuss the annual progress report;
  • prepare plans for the subsequent phase of the platform
  • harmonize BSU activities with other capacity-building activities at the respective universities in order to avoid duplication and improve synergies between activities.

At each southern university a technical coordinator will be appointed to support the Platform Working Group with respect to coordination of activities and to ensure timely technical and financial reporting.

The WGs meet at least once annually. Between meetings members communicate via the Internet (e.g. Skype) or by phone.



George C. Kajembe
BSUEC SUA Chairman, Prof.
Dos Santos A. Silayo

Safari T.A. Mafu


Jørgen E. Olesen,
BSUEC Chair, Prof.



Susanne L. Amsinck,
BSUEC Coordinator, PhD

BSUEC SUA Project Officer 

Dr.Anthony Z. Sangeda

BSUEC SUA Assistant Project Officer

Godbless Safiel



Amos Majule
BSUEC UDSM Chairman, Prof.
Agnes S. Nyomora



Felix W. Mtalo







Razak Lokina






Jørgen E. Olesen
BSUEC Chairman, Prof. 


Susanne L. Amsinck,
BSUEC Coordinator, PhD

BSUEC UDSM Project Officer

Oscar Sawuka



Kwasi Obiri-Danso,
BSUEC KNUST Chairman, Prof.
Samuel Nii Odai,
Associate Prof.
Kyere Boateng,
Senior Lecturer
Leonard Amekudzi,
Senior Lecturer

Jørgen E. Olesen,
BSUEC Chairman, Prof.



Susanne L. Amsinck
BSUEC Coordinator, PhD



BSUEC KNUST Project Officer

Richard Bruce Lamptey.

Phone +233 (0) 241100722;


  • Paul K. Yankson (UG PGW Chairman, Prof.)
  • Kwadwo Owusu (Dr.)
  • A. Asase (Dr.)
  • Jørgen E. Olesen (BSUEC Chairman, Prof.)
  • Susanne L. Amsinck (BSUEC Coordinator, PhD)

BSUEC UG Project Officer, Mrs. Empi Baryeh (Assistant Registrar)

BSUEC UG Assitant Officer, Mrs. Selasie Agamah

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