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Management Structure

The governance structure of the BSU initiative consists of the seven overall management units:

The Rector’s Conference of Universities Denmark, assisted by the Universities Denmark (UD) Secretariat and advised by the UD/BSU Working Group, oversees the implementation of the BSU initiative (including all four thematic platforms) and holds the overall responsibility for the appropriate use and reporting of core funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Each platform has a Danish Platform Steering Committee with representatives from the involved Danish universities and chaired by a chairperson. The chairpersons are all appointed by the Danish Rectors’ Conference. The Platform Steering Committee approves the overall platform activity plans and budgets, guides the division of tasks and responsibilities between the Danish partners and reports back to UD.

The Platform Steering Committee is supported by a Platform Secretariat, hosted at a Danish university. The Danish Platform Secretariat manages funds and organizes and coordinates the collaboration among the partner universities inside and outside Denmark.

The collaboration of the involved thematic platform(s) with the individual South partner is governed by a joint BSU Partnership Steering Committee, while the day-to-day planning, implementation and coordination take place within the individual Platform Working Groups.

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